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Funded Business Skills Training

As a small business owner/manager you have always had a lot of hats to wear, juggling your time between sales, marketing, admin and finance, and actually servicing your customers. It is probably a long time since you had the benefit of any business skills training and now with the introduction of social media in to the mix, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. You keep being told that you should be on Facebook, have a Twitter account, or a business page on one of the other popular social networking sites, but you just don’t know how to fit it all in and what it will achieve. If you are using social media you might have no idea how it is helping your business, and probably feel that you are just wasting your time.

Sound familiar? Well help is at hand to show you how to reduce time and maximise results.

Laptop and mobile.

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So if you would like to upskill and understand how to grow your business using the power of social media using intelligence gathered by analytics to inspire business innovation and inform your plans for business growth, we have the course for you.

Enterprise Skills Training

The Level 3 Diploma in Business Innovation and Growth Through Social Media and Entrepreneurial Skills, is a Sfedi Accredited course which explores the value of innovation and creativity. This course is for those who wish to develop knowledge and skills to support enterprise and innovation in organisations through the use of social media strategies.

Chris Leighton’s style is engaging and thought provoking and she really encourages people to face the challenges in a positive and productive way. The feedback I have had from individuals has been extremely positive.

Chrissy Chalmers

Worklessness Development Officer, Norfolk County Council Adult Social Services

Social Media Marketing

Sfedi Accredited  Level 2 Promotion of Goods and Services using Social Media combined with Level 3 Award in Principles of Social Media Advertising and Promotion is for those wishing to fully understand the value to be gained from integrating their social media activities with their offline marketing strategy.

Definition of Zeal

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Technological changes, particularly social media, open up a new world of possibilities for all businesses, previously inconceivable. Our business  skills training courses address any gaps you might have in understanding how both you and your business can benefit from fully embracing these new opportunities.