Are you thinking of going it alone as self-employed, or want to start a business?

You’re in the right place. Zeal for Business Training Academy was created with you in mind.

What Zeal do

Our online and interactive courses draw on 40 years of experience in business and training, taking you from initial spark to finding your niche, from launching your business to balancing the books.

Whether you’re still at the planning stage or want to learn the full range of business skills, our courses show you how to get from here to there.

It is all about you

Our passion is to support, encourage and inspire mature adults who have reached a career choice cross-roads. Maybe you are an empty nester, have suddenly become the main breadwinner, want to create a substitute pension pot, or have decided that the time has come to realise your life-long dream.

Whoever you are, we can help you to take control and make it happen.

Start Now

Why wait?

It’s tempting to wait for ‘one day’ to arrive, but guess what? It’s here. It’s now.

We live in an extraordinary time but look past the headlines. Yes, there are challenges, but there are so many more opportunities than ever before.

And at a time when we’re living longer and working longer, there’s more demand for a diverse range of competencies and life skills – in fact, you could say we’ve never needed them more than we do now.

The facts and stats speak for themselves. A vast number of potential customers and markets are emerging across the globe. An estimated 1 billion new people are set to join the 3.2 billion who now form the middle classes, all set on creating new lives that previously they had hardly dared to dream of.

Changing your life, finding your purpose

The first step in starting a business is that spark of inspiration. It may be a spark born from necessity. It may be that you’re aware of a problem – I call it a ‘pain’ – that you have the skills, knowledge and passion to address – which are all the qualifications you need to start building your business.

Are you ready?

You’ll be in good company. You may even make a difference.

The people innovating and creating the tools and technologies that help to address the majority of problems we face today aren’t working alone. They need our help. Every one of us who believes that we can do more with our lives have everything we need to do just that.

But they cannot continue to do this alone, they need our help. In return, every single one of us who believes that they are capable of doing so much more with our lives; than we have achieved so far, has everything that we need at our fingertips to do just that.

So what are we waiting for? Take a look at the video to your right and be inspired by all the positive changes that are on the horizon. Taking just 16 minutes to watch Peter Diamandis share his passion will literally change the way you view the world.

Onstage at TED2012, Peter Diamandis makes a case for optimism — that we’ll invent, innovate and create ways to solve the challenges that loom over us. “I’m not saying we don’t have our set of problems; we surely do. But ultimately, we knock them down.”
Start Now

My thanks to TED Talks for allowing the use of this Video

2012 TED Talk from Peter Diamandis - Abundance
If you are interested in learning more about innovations for the future visit https://www.ted.com

There is so much to do in the world.

An Abundance of Opportunity

In the extraordinary video above Peter Diamandis shares many fascinating facts and the one that will have the most impact to you, as a future business owner is that by 2020 there will be another  3 billion people coming online.


These people will all be looking for a life of education, health, comfort, experiences and self-actualisation, both for themselves and their families; built on a new set of values, born from the realisation that the ‘status quo’ cannot continue and that business, as usual, must now take its place in the history books.

Starting a business has never been easier

or likely to be more rewarding, and there has NEVER been such a vast number of potential customers as there are currently emerging across the globe.

Click on the image below for more details of both our challenges and opportunities.

Graphic displaying the 17 UN goals for global sustainability

I am now in my third year of running my own business and all continues to grow from strength to strength. I started up with support from the Zeal for Business (formerly Business Skills Clinic BSC) and I owe my solid foundations at least in part to the course and direction they offer, they have huge knowledge and skills. A valuable and inspiring springboard I would very much recommend :)

Debbie Roberts, Engage Visually
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