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How Zeal for Business Evolved

Zeal for Business

started as a classroom training provider, known then as the Business skills Clinic in 2012, delivering government-funded contracts in the UK.  We now offer a range of online courses, including live webinar classes, video tutorials, immersion weekends and  1-1 mentoring and support for mature students who have been made redundant or have taken early retirement and need to top up their pension, or simply have an exciting new idea bubbling in the back of their minds.

Added to that is the requirement for life-long learning to keep abreast of market trends, changing consumer behaviour and labour-saving technologies.

For a new business to compete in today’s marketplace, they must embrace a certain amount of technological assistance. This can all be very daunting in those early days and if you ARE in the autumn of your life, you really do not want to be wasting time finding out the hard way.

Definition of Zeal

Globally, small and medium-sized businesses make up the backbone of their economy and there are still too many who suffer or fail in the first few years because ‘they don’t know what they don’t know and need to know.’

We can help you too

Zeal for Business exists to help fledgeling entrepreneurs with a burning desire to start a business, realise a dream, and be the Boss, bring their thoughts to life.

The purpose of business skills and entrepreneurial training is to share knowledge, experience and intelligence to enable ‘founders’ to consider all eventualities and prepare accordingly. Thus, reducing the chances of them becoming another statistic.

Business Start up clients celebrating

Over the last 8 years, we’ve trained hundreds to research, plan, test, launch and run their new businesses; providing on-going mentoring and coaching support. Offering on-going training in the creation of a digital marketing strategy and insights for future growth development.

I shall always be glad I have met Chris and have found not only a friend but also an excellent mentor.” April 25, 2012

 Elizabeth Young T/A Steaming Ahead, Proprietor of Steaming Ahead, Elizabeth Young

Elizabeth Young, Steaming Ahead

“I have followed Chris’ development at Outset Norfolk and watched some amazing things happen!” April 27, 2012

David Dawber, Managing Director, Cliffe Packaging Limited

David Dawber, Cliffe Packaging Ltd
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“I attended some of Chris’ business start-up courses, and found them extremely informative and full of great ideas.” April 25, 2012, Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Andrea Walker

Andrea Walker, UEA
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