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Every business starts with an idea or a passion

Image of the book cover 100 Women in 100 Words - Lexia Media

100 Women in 100 Words – Lexia Media

Having been recognised for her work inspiring start-ups, in the book “100 Women in 100 Words”, celebrating some of the most inspiring women in Norfolk and Suffolk, Chris continued to carve a niche in the world of business start-up training. Her passion for inspiring enterprise and self-employment is said to have been worth over £3,000,000 to the Norfolk economy.

Having spent most of my last couple of school years hiding up a tree in an attempt to avoid listening to other peoples ‘happy’ life stories of fun times, I left at 16 years old with a handful of O’levels and no immediate opportunity to continue my education. My parents divorced just as I was taking my exams and I was whisked away from Surrey, where I had grown up to the flat plains of Norfolk within a week of finishing school.

After a fairly turbulent start to my working life, a year later, I finally started to focus on how exactly I was going to earn a living and it soon became obvious that my choices were limited and that ‘sales’ offered the best chance of making some decent money.

To excel in sales, I needed further training and there began a life of continued professional development or CPD, that would never end. Turns out I love learning.

Fast forward to 2009, after setting up and running a few small businesses, including the creation of a massive social media website for people across the globe to share their hobbies and past times, which I had to close due to lack of funding and resources, culminating in my being unable to work for 3 months whilst recovering from serious whip lash sustained in a head on car crash; I found myself working on a short term contract for an enterprise agency offering funded business start-up training. There began my passion for helping others to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.

The following year I was given the opportunity to really prove myself in this field when I was hired to deliver a council funded project aimed at raising aspirations across Norfolk (yes I was still there) of the opportunities of self-employment. With the help on one assistant, I was set some pretty high targets for engagement, training, 1-1 mentoring and ultimately new business start-up, or ‘business births’ as they are officially termed. So much so that a few prominent members of Norfolk society literally laughed in my face and told me that it couldn’t be done by one person, leaving me with no choice but to prove them wrong.

All targets smashed to an estimated value of over £3million for the Norfolk economy, the funding ended and I was left once again with choices to make. There was no choice for me though, I had found my calling and finally this proud pioneer of the ‘portfolio career’ which had seen me in so many different roles, knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, and had over 30 years of experience she could call on to help her do it.

Eight years on, the realisation that a girl cannot rely of European funding forever and that there is a growing need for these skills across the globe, I decided to take all the knowledge and training courses that I have developed and make them available to everyone in the English speaking world. Hence my classroom-based Business Skills Clinic was reborn as Zeal for Business and ultimately Zeal for Business Training, Zeal for Life and in time who knows where else it will lead.

I am passionate about helping you to realise your dreams and become the person you always knew (deep down) you were meant to become. Now that all those other commitments imposed on you over the years have lessened their grip. Contact me now and let me know what you would like help with, together we can do this.


During the last 15 years I have divorced and then walked away from all of my Norfolk contacts, to start a new life back in the south of England learning to sail. The one thing I had always wanted to do, but never believed I would be brave enough to.

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