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Future Soft Skills

So what exactly is meant by soft skills?

They are the skills that make us human and worldwide adoption of these skills will ensure that we meet the goals and challenges that we share as a global community.

Critical Thinking – The ability to look at a situation from all angles rather than take it at face value and not be afraid to change the status quo.

Problem Solving – Having empathy for the person that the problem affects, understanding the root cause and believing that where there is a will there is a way.

Creativity – being aware of the opportunities that emerging needs and technologies have to offer and able to see how a combination of different elements can result in a unique solution to a problem.

Intrapreneurship shown by 8 employees sat around a table brain storming ideas.

Innovation – means taking the ideas formed using the aforementioned skills and bringing them to life.

Emotional Intelligence – A highly sought-after skill, considered to be more valuable in business than a high IQ.

EI is the human answer to Artificial Intelligence and combined with all the soft skills, will protect both you and your business from being replaced by technology.

Active and reflective listening – Once you have adopted the skill of ‘asking the right questions’ it is vital to actively listen to the answers. Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to listen.

Asking the Right Questions –Historically, many people have been uncomfortable asking too many questions and even those who do, rarely follow the answer given with a ‘why?’ like we did when we were children.

If you are brave enough to take that second step, there is every chance that the resulting answer will be a short sharp “because that is the way it has always been done.”

Industry experts are now beginning to realise, that to stay ahead of their competition, that culture must change.

Which is why we have created this highly enlightening module to inspire you with the confidence to ask more questions and the ability to know how to phrase them in the right way.

Ask Us Now

This course is compiled of seven modules, each one addressing one of the core skills needed in the workplace today, whether you are trying to protect your employability at work or have decided to make the jump to self-employment. Many seem to be common sense, (who knew we needed to be taught how to listen?)

When it comes to creativityinnovation and critical thinking, it is really important to hear what is actually being said, and being able to hear the unsaid stuff as well, rather than just hear what you are expecting them to say. Or worst still, what you want them to say.

Upgrade your human skills and you no longer need to be worried about the robots impeding on your career prospects. Each module can be purchased separately or as part of a package.

Click on the images below to find out more.

Chris Leighton is such a nice caring and knowledgeable person. I only hope I can remember half she has told me and will revisit my finances and benefits. You have opened my eyes.

Richard Kerton

Richard Kerton, Slimming World Franchise

Chris Leighton is an excellent facilitator who is warm, friendly and knowledgeable. The Course has been extremely helpful in clarifying areas that I was not confident in. (Financial and Business Plan). Chris is an excellent trainer and I will keep in contact.

Kellie Brown, Natural Born Grillers

Kellie Brown, Natural Born Grillers
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Think about this