Mission and Vision Statement

Our Purpose and Values


Zeal for Business is here to offer essential up-to-date business skills training courses for you and your staff. Whether you are an owner/manager of a small business or employed by one, we will help you to adapt existing knowledge and adopt a range of new skills to ensure your business remains competitive in an ever changing business environment.

This will be achieved by the following:-


  • Offering a range of enterprise and social media courses delivered in an inspirational manner, motivating and empowering people to compete in a 21st Century marketplace
  • On-going support, mentoring and growth coaching
  • Cross matching of skills and business ideas to encourage collaborative working on future projects
  • Whilst every effort will be made to deliver only funded courses, in the absence of funds, where demand is high, private delivery will be available
  • All of the above will be delivered with integrity, with a view to cultivating aspirations, encouraging innovation and personal and professional development.
  Zeal for Business aims to be the training provider of choice for business skills development in the South of England.

Chris is the ultimate professional! She has amazing energy and a passion to support new businesses. Her empathy, resilience and mental toughness work together to build an inspirational role model for new businesses. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris and supporting her to gain a graduate-level leadership qualification – another example of how her continuous desire to validate her own skills and maintain her own development, so she can share skills with others.” August 10, 2012

Stephanie Allen

Owner, The Training Spa

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