Social Media Marketing Competency Self-Assessment

You ‘don’t know what you don’t know’.

Are you wondering if you are doing your social media marketing correctly?

Test yourself below….

So you are unsure whether you are doing your social media marketing correctly. That is perfectly normal. Building up your social media marketing skills and competency takes time. 21st century marketing is very different from how it used to be, when we were bombarded by advertising telling us we needed things that we clearly didn’t.


Marketing manager considering the integration of social media into his marketing strategy.Savvy consumers spend many hours researching online, gathering knowledge, reading reviews and comments from others before making their buying decisions. This is why it is critical for all businesses to have a strong online presence; to raise brand awareness and build relationships with prospects and position themselves positively in the minds of the consumer.

Social media platforms are constantly evolving, so keeping up with all of these changes while ‘doing the day job’ can be quite challenging. This is why your social media marketing needs a strategy, structure, planning and focussed execution to be productive.


Social Media Marketing Skills Self-Assessment

Don’t worry, help is on hand. Have a go at our short social media marketing skills self-assessment to get a better idea of some of the core responsibilities a business has, to maintain their brand reputation and build an effective presence which will lead to business growth.

Zeal for Business offers bespoke training opportunities covering all these essential skills, personalising their usage to cover any gaps. So have a go now, you may surprise yourself.

Social Media Marketing Skills Self-Assessment

Please see how to score yourself below.


For all questions score your answers as follows:

Yes – 2

Partially – 0.5

No – 0


Once you have your combined total, here is what it tells you:

If your total equals 7 or less, your exposure within social media and online networks is weak, this is probably why you are here. You are probably realising less than 12% of your real opportunity for exposure, and finding and developing relationships with business partners and prospective customers.

If your total equals between 8 – 14, you are marketing at a decent level, but your business has plenty of room for improvement. You can probably increase your overall performance by 80% or more, merely by better understanding and application of the social media platforms.

If your total equals 15 – 20, congratulations. You are a very fine marketer already and should feel good about your progress so far. Because you understand the opportunities available to your business, you are in a great position to work towards further business growth, just by taking your strategy and tactics to the next level.

Thank you for submitting your answers, this information also helps us to shape the courses to suit the needs of our clients. If you would like to discuss your results or ask any questions please call 0238 001 6467 or email