The art of identifying a ‘need’ and filling it

Entrepreneurship can be taught


Ever wondered what it takes to be like Richard Branson? Or maybe you have read the books and still don’t see how it applies to you? We will explore all the characteristics and skills needed to run and build a successful and sustainable business to a level that works for you and your lifestyle.

Lady sitting at her desk in her office with six arms to do all the jobs of an entrepreneur Candidates attending Level 3 Diploma in Business Innovation and Growth Through Social Media and Entrepreneurial Skills will understand the differences between running a small business, being enterprising or entrepreneurial and why successful business growth requires a combination of all three.

You will be able to identify the skills and characteristics required by entrepreneurs, understand the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset in a business environment and the need for entrepreneurs to take ‘smart risks’.

What you will learn

Candidates will learn to:-

  • Complete a skills scan on your own entrepreneurial skills
  • Develop an entrepreneurial skill set
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Understand the difference between being entrepreneurial and being enterprising.

How this will help

Developing an entrepreneurial and enterprising mind set will add a new dynamic to the way you view your business. Problems become opportunities for innovation and growth, and mistakes are simply ways of gaining the knowledge of how not to achieve something.

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Fantastic Chris, thank you. Your knowledge, passion and positivity make it so inspiring.

Karen Bromley

Owner, Maya Wellbeing

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

- Milton Berle