Get the best from your Website

Does your website have the content it needs?

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Your website is your 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day salesperson. If yours is underperforming we can help. During our courses you will learn how to get the best out of your Website, converting visitors to paying customers.

Your social media marketing strategy will raise your company profile whilst driving traffic to your website. To be successful, your website must communicate the benefits you offer in a language your potential customers will respond to. All course Candidates will gain an understanding of all the essential ingredients needed to make a website productive.

This includes really knowing the online behaviour of your target audience and the benefits they seek, to ensure all your online marketing activities consistently drive traffic to a website that is ready to convert visitors into enquiries and paying customers.

What you will learn

Candidates will understand why your website must:-

  • Speak directly to the visitor
  • Provide compelling content of value
  • Engage the visitor in a sales conversation
  • Be user friendly with logical navigation
  • Increase sales conversions.

How this will help

Understanding exactly what is required for an effective website is empowering, and once actioned the knowledge gained will improve your search results rankings, and increase your chances of getting found online.

Once the visitor arrives on your website, you will be able to take them on a predetermined journey of discovery, providing them with exactly the information they seek and ultimately increase sales.

Funding is available for Enterprise Skills Training in all areas for anyone who is an employee of a Limited Company. Those wishing to attend who are Sole Traders, may do so either by paying privately or using the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan accessed via Opportunity Workshops. Funding for the Social Media Marketing courses varies depending on location, so please register your interest with us now and we will check eligibility.

Behind every glance is a decision.

John Berger

Ways of Seeing

I have also learnt how important content is, not just on social media, but also the content on my website.  I now need to review it to make sure that it is relevant and to maximise my SEO.

Tamsin Kelly

Studio Yoga, Stockbridge