The result of forging a creative culture in your workplace

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Intrapreneurship. Did you know there even was such a term?

It describes an employee of a company who is entrepreneurial on behalf of their employers. Really getting to know your staff and what motivates them is the first step to identifying intrapreneurial traits.

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Creative thoughts and ideas are to be encouraged and debated as a team, whilst ownership of the project remains firmly in the hands of the creator.

Even inappropriate ideas should be praised, giving confidence to all to at least have a go.

Candidates of the Level 3 Diploma in Business Innovation and Growth Through Social Media and Entrepreneurial Skills will understand what is meant by the term intrapreneur.

You will learn how to overcome the challenges of instilling intrapreneurship within an organisation and appreciate the valuable role an intrapreneur can play in the growth and development of a business.

What you will learn

Candidates will learn:-

  • How to develop your creative mindset
  • The role of risk within an enterprise culture
  • Methods of managing risk
  • Innovation and problem solving
  • Negotiation and persuasion skills.

How this will help

Actively listening and considering the ideas and opinions of your team will boost staff morale, loyalty, and instils a sense of belonging, thus reducing sick days and staff turnover.

Encouraging a creative workforce, giving ownership to the conception of new ideas and projects to key your personnel is motivational, inspiring and great business sense.

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The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.

Albert Einstein

Chris empowers each individual to take their ideas forward. She has given me skills and information that will last a lifetime.

Emma Elderfield

Animal Healer