Training in Social Media Marketing

 Social Media Marketing, Social Media & Google Adwords Advertising

Social Media Marketing Course


Social Media gets as much bad press as it does good, and this can be very off-putting for a business person not wanting to get it wrong. Or maybe you are someone who seems to be spending hours online, without really knowing what you are achieving by doing so.

Used as part of a structured marketing strategy, social media is a freely available and very effective marketing tool. Furthermore, for a relatively small investment, social media and Google Adwords Advertising will help you to market and grow your business in ways you never thought possible.

Qualification overview

Delivered over a 3 month period, 3 hours a week + homework:-

  • Social Media for Market Research
  • Promoting Goods & Services using Social Media
  • Understanding the different Social Media platforms
  • Planning the implementation of advertising campaigns for marketing purposes
  • Use of digital vouchers for marketing purposes
  • Current national and international legal and organisational guidelines.

Who it is for

For those wishing to fully understand the value to be gained from integrating their social media activities with their offline marketing strategy.

To be eligible learners must be employed within a role that will enable them to evidence the requirements of the qualification. Learners should also possess communication skills sufficient to allow them to address the assessment requirements of the qualification.

Funding is available for Enterprise Skills Training in all areas for anyone who is an employee of a Limited Company. Those wishing to attend who are Sole Traders, may do so either by paying privately or using the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan accessed via Opportunity Workshops. Funding for the Social Media Marketing courses varies depending on location, so please register your interest with us now and we will check eligibility.

This course will introduce you to the tools and analytics available from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Google Adwords.