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Creating a Facebook business page makes great business sense


Facebook is the most popular social networking website. A couple of weeks ago over 1 billion people worldwide logged on in a single day and it is free to set up a business page and start engaging with potential customers. Can your business afford not to be there?

There is only really one answer ‘No’.

Whilst negative media coverage, lack of time and resources can make you question this, once you have gained an understanding of how Facebook works and what it can do for your business, you will see why it really makes sense. Understanding Internet security and legal responsibilities enables you to utilise Facebook’s  functionality in a professional manner, whilst reaping the benefits of the world of online social influence.

Candidates attending Level 2 Promotion of Goods and Services with Social Media & Level 3 Principles of Social Media Advertising and Promotion will learn to see Facebook as an incredible free social media marketing tool.  They will develop the skills and knowledge to take advantage of the incredible demographic intelligence it gathers, and craft informed Facebook Advertising campaigns as a result.

Marketing today is about forming and building strong relationships; it is about getting to know the key influencers in your industry, building your own credibility and being seen as a good company to do business with. With 1.49 billion monthly active users Facebook is a pretty good place to start.

What you will learn

Candidates will learn how to:-

  • Create a business page
  • Engage your community with status updates, photos, and video
  • Boost a post
  • Plan advertising campaigns
  • Using Insights to track likes, post reach, page visits, and more.

How this will help

Once you understand why Facebook is so important and have the knowledge of how to populate a page with interesting content, you will be amazed by how much easier social media marketing will become and the results you are able to achieve.

Funding is available for Enterprise Skills Training in all areas for anyone who is an employee of a Limited Company. Those wishing to attend who are Sole Traders, may do so either by paying privately or using the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan accessed via Opportunity Workshops. Funding for the Social Media Marketing courses varies depending on location, so please register your interest with us now and we will check eligibility.

This course will also introduce you to the tools and analytics available from  Twitter,  LinkedIn,  Pinterest,  Google+ and Google Adwords.

If you just communicate you can get by, but if you communicate skillfully you can work miracles.

Jim Rohn

Clarified a lot. I am not confused any more about what needs to be done.

Vikki Green