Google+ for Business

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Google+ status updates appear in the Google search results


A Google+ account offers a unique set of benefits. Once verified as an official Google Business, your contact and location details will be easily available, client reviews and ratings will appear in Googles search results and if a contact of someone who has rated your business searches for your service, you will appear in their results.

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As a Google+ user you have access to all of the platform’s functionality including Google+ Circles, Communities, Events, and Video Hangouts, adding another dimension to your online communications.

Candidates attending Level 2 Promotion of Goods and Services with Social Media & Level 3 Principles of  Social Media Advertising and Promotion, will learn about the benefits which make Google+ an interesting alternative or additional social networking platform, to consider for your marketing mix.

What you will learn

Candidates will learn:-

  • How Google+ will help your business
  • How to Create a Google+ account and business page
  • How to understand circles and Hangouts
  • How to share posts
  • How to use Google+ Insights.

How this will help

A better understanding of the Google platform, the ability to develop, implement, and optimise an influential Google+ presence for your business, will significantly increase your online ranking. This in turn will have a significant effect on where you are shown on the Google search results page (SERP).


Funding is available for Enterprise Skills Training in all areas for anyone who is an employee of a Limited Company. Those wishing to attend who are Sole Traders, may do so either by paying privately or using the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan accessed via Opportunity Workshops. Funding for the Social Media Marketing courses varies depending on location, so please register your interest with us now and we will check eligibility.

This course will also introduce you to the tools and analytics available from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Adwords.

I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas Edison

An excellent source of information on the use of social media as a marketing and data capture tool for my business.

Louise Clarke

Partner, Zoipa