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Microblogging on Twitter can bring in big results


Yes, microblogging is another term used to describe tweeting. 140 characters carefully crafted have already been responsible for some life changing global events.


So just imagine what a difference a planned and focussed Twitter strategy can do for your business. Twitter used professionally directed at professionals, can transform the way you interact with customers, suppliers and prospects, enabling instant feedback, endorsement’s and problem solving. All in the public domain thus strengthening your brand reputation and keeping it in the minds of potential customers, for when they are ready to buy.


Candidates attending Level 2 Promotion of Goods and Services with Social Media & Level 3 Principles of Social Media Advertising and Promotion, will learn how to use Twitter not only for driving interested parties to their website, but also how to use this invaluable social media tool for conducting market research.

On-going market research keeps a company informed of competitor activity and changing needs of consumers. Because it is real time, businesses have the opportunity to react quickly and not get left behind.

Having created a Twitter profile they will be able to gather industry intelligence, share information of value to followers, and build relationships, establishing credibility as an authority in their field.

What you will learn

Candidates will learn to :-

  • Create your username and Twitter bio
  • Use Twitter as a research tool
  • Craft great tweets
  • Use Twitter Cards to create “rich” tweets
  • Advertise on Twitter.

How this will help

Learning how to produce valuable content in a tweet which inspires others to share can raise awareness of your company a thousand fold in a matter of minutes. You will have the knowledge to gather interesting topical information, create compelling messages and schedule tweets to save you valuable time.

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This course will also introduce you to the tools and analytics available from  Facebook,  LinkedIn,  Pinterest,  Google+ and Google Adwords.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in, day out.

R. Collier

This course has opened my eyes and changed my approach to my business. An amazing experience.

Liz Nankivell

Creator, All About Binky